Kramer Custom Knives

Knives you can swear by, not at.

Kramer Custom Knives is your source for hard use, handmade knives of the finest quality and craftsmanship. Each knife is ground and crafted by hand.  If you see a knife you would like to order, or have a design you would like custom built, email me using the contact information above. Thanks

I have been making knives since 2005.  All knives are 100% hand ground using the stock removal method. Each knife is freehand ground one at a time so each one will be unique. I am using water jet cut blanks on two of my models right now.  This allows me to produce more knives while still maintaining high quality that I strive for in each blade.  My knives are made to be used hard and I guarantee all my knives against breakage during normal use.  I take pride in my work and stand behind each piece 100%, no knife will leave my shop unless I would buy it myself.  I do accept custom orders and can be contacted through email at

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