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Kramer Custom Knives is your source for hard use, handmade knives of the finest quality and craftsmanship. Each knife is ground and crafted by hand.  If you see a knife you would like to order, or have a design you would like custom built, email me using the contact information above. Thanks

The Type R(Bravo) is a full size EDC (EveryDayCarry) folding knife.  Type R is reference to the Reaper folder.  The handle of the Bravo is identical to the Reaper.  Bravo indicates the second blade design, a modified drop point in this case.  The blade length is 3 3/4 inches, just shy of 9 inches open, 5 1/8 closed.  Base pricing on the Type R(Bravo) is $550.00 with single color G10 handles. Other handle, blade and bolster materials are available for an additional charge.

  1. G10 bolsters  $25.00
  2. Carbon fiber bolsters  $40.00
  3. Zirconium Bolsters $75.00
  4. Titanium bolsters  $50.00
  5. Carbon fiber handles $50.00
  6. Marbled Carbon Fiber Handles $100.0
  7. Lightning Strike Carbon Fiber Handles $80.00
  8. Hand ground titanium pocket clip  $40.00
  9. Hand ground zirconium pocket clip $60.00
  10. Custom turned titanium thumb stud. $30.00
  11. Anodizing $15.00

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