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Kramer Custom Knives is your source for hard use, handmade knives of the finest quality and craftsmanship. Each knife is ground and crafted by hand.  If you see a knife you would like to order, or have a design you would like custom built, email me using the contact information above. Thanks

The Libre Fighter MKII design was developed with input of Scott Babb, founder of Libre Fighting system.  This is a no frills knife built around Libre Fighting techniques.  Made of 3/16 Crucible S35VN stainless steel it has an overall length of 8 1/2 inches and a blade length of 3 7/8, keeping it under the 4 inch rule that makes a knife illegal to carry in some jurisdictions.  This knife comes with a custom molded kydex sheath and either MALICE clips or IWB loops for concealed carry.

Price $420.00

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