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Kramer Custom Knives is your source for hard use, handmade knives of the finest quality and craftsmanship. Each knife is ground and crafted by hand.  If you see a knife you would like to order, or have a design you would like custom built, email me using the contact information above. Thanks

I can make an aluminum training version of any of my designs at the customers request.  If you intend on carrying a knife for self defense purposes I highly recommend training with a training blade first, before trying it with a live blade.  My training blades are made from 3/16 aluminum with paracord wrapped handles (G10 handles available for an extra charge).  These knives are the same dimensions as their live versions. All edges and corners are rounded off to minimize risk of injury during training.  These are not intended to be used for sparring.  Getting stabbed or slashed with a trainer even at 1/2 power will hurt and can break skin.  Custom made kydex sheaths are available for training knives at an additional charge.  Contact me for pricing and available options.  

*Training blades are only available with purchase of a matching live blade at his time, sorry for any inconvenience.


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